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Steffen Fisker Pierce

About the images

 The large monotypes you see on this site  were made during the past year, they are all 30" X 40" in size. One of the aspects of printmaking that attracts me in today’s digital world, is its physicality. Ink, metal, oil and wood, no software, no hard drives. I spent many years making films and working with digital editing systems, where you are always several steps away  from the actual image you are creating. In an etching or a monotype, every mark you make appears on the print, it’s direct. The humidity in the studio and the weather outside effect the image that ends up on the print. By its very nature, the process of printmaking puts you in touch with the essential things. The first printmaker I ever encountered was my  mother, the artist Marianne Fisker Pierce. She was a master of  the potato print and she taught me the basic techniques of  printmaking that I still use today.    Steffen Fisker Pierce

Steffen Fisker Pierce
“I love the sublime and the ridiculous, every form of life, because my ardent desire is to produce something living." Max Beckmann
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